A Little Bit About Southall Travel

Southall Travel are one of the largest travel agencies in the UK. Since 1984, Southall Travel have been providing customers with a huge range of tailored holiday packages, honeymoons, round the world and multi centre holidays and more. Last year, over 365,000 happy customers jetted off on their perfect holidays, in a range of destinations worldwide, thanks to the expertise, experience and knowledge of Southall Travel. Furthermore, Southall Travel provides these bespoke services at hugely competitive market prices.

Southall Travel are one of the most flexible travel agents around, and can play as big, or as small, of a part in your holiday as you decide. From just getting you great deals on flights, to complete holiday packages including internal transport, car hire and itineraries, Southall Travel have the know-how to do it all.

Southall TravelNo matter what type of holiday you desire, every detail is flexible with Southall Travel. Get the best deals on flights, including first class and business class seats, or an exclusive room in a 5 Star luxury hotel for a fraction of the price. Plan your itinerary to make the most of your short trip, or plan to do nothing but relax on your all inclusive vacation. From around the world trips to business trips, from short breaks to honeymoons, from full board to half board to self- catering, from last minute bookings to around the world trips, to budget family holidays, all inclusive packages and 5 Star luxury resorts: Southall Travel has the resources and expertise to make it happen for you.

Southall Travel offer a Best Price Guarantee to all their customers, meaning you can rest assured that you’ve found the best deal possible, no matter what type of holiday you’re planning. With years of experience, knowledge, buying power and general expertise, Southall Travel are well equipped to save you time, money, and send you on your way to your perfect holiday.

Southall Travel staff are always there when you need them. With availability 24 hours a day, seven days a week, arranging your holiday can be done at your own personal convenience. To start planning your perfect holiday, get in touch with Southall Travel today, either online or by phone. Even if you just want travel advice, suggestions, or any questions answered, Southall Travel can help.

Southall Travel India Packages: Real Value for Money

Although India hasn’t always been viewed as a typical holiday destination, more and more holidaymakers are cottoning on to the amazing travel experience the country can provide. Trusted agents Southall Travel are experts in travel to the Sub-Indian continent, and have been building and providing the perfect holidays to India for years. Southall Travel now offer their customers amazing deals on journeys to India, in the form of holiday packages.

There are so many different types of holiday and activity to experience in India, and Southall Travel has an India holiday package to suit everyone. Whether you want an active, adventurous trip, a relaxation holiday, or a cultural city break, Southall Travel can provide an excellent value holiday package.

A huge range of things are included in Southall Travel’s holiday packages, aside from the obvious flights and accommodation. Holiday packages from Southall Travel include internal transfers and connections, to ensure that you reach your destinations comfortably and in a timely manner. Southall Travel go the extra mile and can even provide local guides and representatives, and cars with private chauffeurs, so you are never left unsure or in the lurch.

Southall TravelIndia holiday packages from Southall Travel can often also include a range of activities for you to experience once you reach your destination. For those who enjoy being active, you can visit the majestic Himalaya mountain range, and even go trekking river rafting with your own personal Sherpa guide.

There is plenty of sightseeing to be done in India, and Southall Travel can advise you on and even help you book any sightseeing, tours, safaris, etc. that you might be interested in. Southall Travel’s experienced advisors can even provide you with personal transport, chauffeur included, so that you can see the beauty and glory of India at your own pace and in your own comfort.

Southall Travel truly do go the extra mile when it comes to holiday packages, and where the Sub-Indian continent is concerned, the years of experience that Southall Travel have really come through. Every little detail is thought of, considered, and covered with a Southall Travel India holiday package, so that you don’t have to worry. For more information, or to book your India holiday package, get in touch with Southall Travel today.

Experience India: Modes of Transport | Southall Travel

India is an incredibly rich and diverse country, and becoming an increasingly popular travel Southall Traveldestination for all types of holiday makers. Book your perfect holiday package to the Sun-Indian continent can be quick, easy and hassle free with the help of an experienced and knowledgeable travel agent such as Southall Travel.

But, getting yourself there is only half the battle! Once you’re actually in India, there is so much to see and so much to do – you may not know where to begin. There are many different transport and internal travel options available so that you can make the most of your time in India – but which travel option is best?

Travelling by car is probably one of the easiest and most convenient ways to experience all India has to offer. You will be able to get a good and close up look at everyday Indian life and culture. It’s easy to stop whenever and wherever you want to do a bit of exploring, and you can travel independently and entirely at your own pace. Travelling by car also enables you the freedom to travel where you want – you are not limited to where the train tracks are laid or where the bus routes are. Southall Travel are able to make private transport arrangements for you, and can organise a private air-conditioned car and English-speaking chauffeur for you to make the most of and truly explore all India has to offer.

Travelling by train is also an option when visiting India. The Indian Railway system is the second largest railway system in the world and is used by millions of people. Taking the train to different destinations in India is an excellent way to truly immerse yourself in Indian life and interact with local people. However, it is worth doing a little research before you decide to use the train as a major mode of transport. This is especially true if you are a fan of modern amenities and conveniences. Many of the trains in India are NOT equipped with luxury comforts such as air conditioning, so make sure that you are prepared to sacrifice a little luxury.

If having all the modern conveniences is a must for you, you can still travel by rail in India. For tourists especially, there are hotels entirely on train carriages. With 5 star services, these hotels ensure you the utmost comfort and relaxation, whilst still be able to travel and tour and make the most of India and all its sights.

Southall Travel Financial Security | Southall Travel

When deciding upon a travel agent to go with, financial security is a very important aspect. Holidays usually only come around once a year, and for many people will represent a major expense. When customers are spending hundreds of pounds to experience the holiday of their dreams, it is important that they know their money is secure and that they are safe from any sudden shocks or surprise expenses. Southall Travel endeavours to put customer’s minds at ease with their ‘best price guarantee’, their 24 hour personalised customer services, and their ATOL protected status.

Southall TravelSouthall Travel was founded back in 1984, and has since spent years sending customers around the world for their ideal vacations. Southall Travel specialise in a wide range of different holiday types to destinations around the world, from family vacations, romantic getaways to business trips. With such a wealth of experience behind them, the whole team at Southall Travel are experts in hunting down the best holidays packages with the most affordable deals.

Southall Travel’s best price guarantee provides customers with the security that they’re getting the most affordable deals available on flights, hotels, packages and short breaks. Southall Travel’s team are dedicated to finding the lowest prices on all holiday options, in order to make even the most luxurious holidays affordable. Customers can browse Southall Travel’s extensive list of incredible deals whenever they like by visiting their website.

Further financial protection, provided to keep customer’s mind at ease when preparing for a holiday, includes Southall Travel’s ATOL protected status. ATOL stands for the Air Travel Organiser’s License; it is a certificate of merit and is only awarded to travel agents that comply with the Civil Aviation Authority’s strict norms. ATOL protection provides financial protection against almost any potential problem with your flights or hotels booked as a package. Although rare, in case the travel company which booked the holiday package collapses, ATOL protection ensures travellers will be provided with alternative flights or complimentary accommodation automatically.

The final way Southall Travel ensures customers of their financial security, is by providing the best customer services possible. They operate a 24 hour call service, meaning customers can phone a professional consultant any time they need and receive dedicated personal care.

Financial security is just one of the many ways that Southall Travel helps their customers achieve total relaxation on their dream getaway.

From Fun Family Trips to Romantic Getaways | Southall Travel

Holidays with the whole family are always memorable and rewarding experiences, but often they can also be quite difficult, especially to plan. Sometimes it’s tricky to find the right type of holiday for the whole family to enjoy; something that will keep the kids entertained, but that at the same time, won’t bore the adults. Many find that seeking the help of travel agents, such as the experts at Southall Travel, can solve this conundrum hassle-free.

All of Southall Travel’s professional letting agents are experts at building bespoke holiday packages around the requirements and preferences of the client. With Southall Travel, you can find a complete holiday package based specifically on what your family wants and needs out of a holiday.

Collective Legal Solutions

Southall Travel have a range of incredible offers available to customers, including luxury suites, resorts and clubs all across the globe. From crazy slides in the pool to cable television and internet access in the rooms, with Southall Travel’s huge database of child-friendly hotels and resorts at your fingertips, you are sure to find the perfect holiday to enjoy with your family.

Southall Travel’s experienced letting agents can also offer expert advice on an alternative family holiday. For example, Malaysia’s bustling capital Kuala Lumpur, whilst you may not think of it as an obvious location for a family holiday, has so much culture, history, entertainment and vibrancy that all ages can enjoy.

For those who desire a less family oriented holiday, Southall Travel can advise on and arrange a variety of romantic getaways for couples. With years of experience in designing the perfect honeymoons for newlyweds, Southall Travel understands how special a holiday shared with a significant other can be. Whether it is your honeymoon, or just a romantic break, Southall Travel can offer amazing deals on some of the most secluded and breathtakingly scenic holiday locations in the world.

So whether you’re looking to take the kids in the school holidays, or steal away for a long weekend with your partner, Southall Travel can help to find the perfect holiday package for you.

Southall Travel USA Destinations | Southall Travel

For the traveller who loves variety, there is nowhere better than the United States of America. Straddling the North American continent from end to end, the USA is a vast nation built upon a melting pot of immigrating communities. The USA is characterised by this fundamental multiculturalism and subsequent vibrancy.

Southall TravelWith an ocean between us and the Americans, travelling there might seem like a major expense. Luckily there are experienced travel agents, like Southall Travel, dedicated to hunting down the best travel deals in order to make exploring the world a little more affordable. Southall Travel also has flights and accommodation deals available for some of the USA’s most fascinating destinations;

New York

Known as the Big Apple, New York City is the spiritual capital of the USA. New York was the traditional arrival point for most European immigrants, and the city still holds its quintessentially multi-ethnic charm. Between world renowned monuments, like the United Nations Centre and the Statue of Liberty, visitors can hear over two hundred languages being spoken throughout New York.


The home of theme parks, Orlando provides a unique experience. Close to Disneyland, Orlando Studios, Legoland Florida and the National Convention Centre, Orlando is a tourist Mecca for lovers of theme parks and cinema. Or if Disneyland doesn’t impress you enough, Orlando is also close to Cape Canaveral, home of the US Space Programme and base of the ground breaking Apollo Moon Missions.

Las Vegas

An impossible city sat in the middle of the Nevada Desert, Las Vegas is a city built purely for tourists. Originating as place to witness nuclear testing from a safe distance, Las Vegas’ tourism burgeoned to become a wonderland of casinos and mega hotels. The Las Vegas Strip is one of the most bombastic roads in the world; giant hotels show off their very own pyramids, palaces, fantasy castles and even a replica of the Eiffel Tower.

Miami Beach

America’s beach paradise, Miami Beach is warm and gorgeous. On the edge of the Caribbean, Miami Beach stretches out against blissfully warm waters and is perfect for relaxing, playing and adventuring. Around Miami Beach visitors can enjoy water sports of the ocean, explore the mystical everglades or just immerse themselves in the fantastically stylish nightlife and restaurant culture of Miami city itself.

Booking Your Business Trip with Southall Travel

The need to travel and embark on business trips is nowadays extremely commonplace to experience in a range of career paths and occupations. And, the stress and tiredness that business trips can cause is just the same as it ever was. More and more people travel for their jobs all the time, and so the need for quality, tailored business trip packages is higher than ever. By enlisting the help of a travel agent, such as Southall Travel, to plan and arrange a business trip, much pressure can be lifted from the individual making the trip, leaving them to turn their full focus to the business at hand.

Southall TravelSouthall Travel offer an excellent ‘last minute’ holiday booking service, which can prove to be very useful to businesspeople. No longer only for impulsive or penny-pinching holidaymakers, last minute flight and hotel bookings come in handy for those whose complicated business itineraries are forever changing, often with little notice. Southall Travel will be able to help you fulfil all your travelling for business needs, no matter how last minute they may be.

Southall Travel can expertly tailor flights and trips to every professional need. The customer can choose which airline they would prefer to fly with as well as the choice of travelling in business or first class. Southall Travel is also able to plan these bespoke business trips to locations and destinations all over the world. With such a range of options, Southall Travel really does stand out as one of the best letting agents for businesspeople and professionals.

Having specialist experience with Indian and other Asian destinations, Southall Travel can assure all their business customers of a service of the highest quality and convenience. What’s more, all Southall Travel agents are dedicated to finding the lowest costs and most economical ways of planning business trip packages, meaning that neither the client nor their company has to worry about the cost.

Southall Travel offers unbeatable business class deals that can be expertly tailored to any customer’s needs. Available for destinations all over Asia and the Far East, Africa, America, Australia and New Zealand, Southall Travel’s unsurpassable service caters to the needs of business trips across the board.

Southall Travel | The Best Special Deals and Last Minute Offers

With years of experience, professional knowledge, and countless happy customers, Southall Travel are experts at finding and securing the perfect holiday deals. Always with a new deal or special offer available, Southall Travel can masterfully create the ultimate holiday packages for anyone, from families to couples, and everyone in between.

Southall Travel

Southall Travel are currently specialising in Round the World trips. All of Southall Travel’s professional agents hand-tailor each Round the World trip to each individual customer. All you have to do is choose your destinations, and Southall Travel will do the rest to create your Round the World holiday package, including flights back to the UK.

Southall Travel’s flight specialists can expertly craft Round the World holiday packages tailored to your every preference, and your every travel fantasy. Southall Travel will always find you the cheapest and most economical deal, standing them head and shoulders above other travel agents when it comes to Round the World holiday packages.

Southall Travel also always have an amazing range of last minute flight offers available to customers. Last minute flights are idea for those who want to spend a little less money on holidays, those who are impulsive, or even for those of us who frequently travel for business. With money getting tighter and tighter all the time, many people’s holidays are becoming restricted due to the cost. Southall Travel’s last minute deals are a brilliant way to ensure you get an amazing holiday, and all at a fraction of the cost.

As those who must travel for their jobs will know, business trips can be stressful. Itineraries are often arbitrary and likely to change at any moment. Dealing with a travel agent with a good range of last minute flights, such as Southall Travel, can ensure that all your business travel needs are met, even at very short notice, meaning less stress for you, and an overall enjoyable trip.

If you have ever dreamed of taking a Round the World trip, or if you feel like you can’t afford to go abroad, or even if you have business travel requirements, get in touch with Southall Travel. As experienced and knowledgeable travel agents, Southall Travel will be able to plan the perfect trip for you, tailored to your every preference, and all in the most cost effective way possible.

The Best Festivals Around the World | Southall Travel

This summer, Britain was infected by festival fever perhaps more than ever before. But, if trudging through mud at Glastonbury for a weekend isn’t your idea of fun, why not consider attending a famous festival around the world. There are magnificent festivals of all types all across the globe; music, religion, science, etc. As customers of Southall Travel recommend, asking a reliable travel agent for information and recommendation can put you on the road towards being part of one of the world’s magnificent festivals.

Southall Travel

The Rio Carnival in Brazil is perhaps one of the best known festivals in the world. This annual celebration, ending just before lent, attracts thousands of visitors each year. The Rio Festival is renown for it’s music, dancing, and spectacularly decorative parades. The streets of the city are filled with live bands, organised dancers, and flamboyant and ornamental costumes. The Samba is the trademark dance of the Rio Carnival, but you don’t have to be a dancer to join in. Ask a professional travel agent, such as Southall Travel to help organise your trip to Brazil, so you can be part of the legendary and spectacular Rio Carnival.

In India, the Holi Festival is widely celebrated. Also known as the Festival of Colours, this Hindu celebration traditionally signifies the end of winter and the arrival of spring. The Holi Festival is famous for its spectacular displays of colour and vibrancy. Those who celebrate it take to the streets, armed with coloured powder and water, and cover each other in beautiful and brilliant hues. Every person on the street is a canvas, and the result is spectacular and as vibrant as India itself. If you are planning to join in the festivities of the Holi Festival, the help of Southall Travel can ensure you the best deal, and that you have the time of your life abroad.

In Italy, attending the Carnival of Venice is almost like stepping back in time. The costume, décor, and of course infamous Venetian masks, bring 18th century Italy to life. A celebration of anonymity, the Venice Carnival is unique and not quite like anything else in the world. No matter whether at an expensive private party or an open celebration on the street, Venetians and tourists alike dress in elaborate and extravagant costumes just as their ancestors did. The costumes and handcrafted Venetian masks allow the wearers to abandon their usual identities and celebrate carefree. Perhaps one of the most surreal and spectacular festivals in the world, the Carnival of Venice is well worth attending.

Morocco with Southall Travel, luxury with varied and lively culture.

If you choose to travel to Morocco with Southall Travel, you can stay at the Sofitel Essaouira Mogador Golf and Spa from only £269. Many of their rooms feature a large outside area from which you can enjoy views of the beautiful gardens or inviting pool. The hotel has seven restaurants and bars serving a range of tempting foods and drinks. If you are a lover of seafood, you’ll be in heaven enjoying the freshly caught and prepared cuisine. Traditional Morrocan dishes are served alongside food with global origins; and you can enjoy being entertained by cooking demonstrations while you sip divine cocktails.

Having enjoyed relaxing in the hotel you’ve booked with Southall Travel, you might want to explore Morocco itself. Mogador beach is set in a stunning forest location, and offers a huge range of activities for everyone. You can soak up some culture in the art galleries and Southall Travelsample local fayre at the many cafes and restaurants. If you want to do something more active, why not try sailing, wind surfing or kite surfing? You can also indulge in some horse riding along this spectacular beach, during which you can really appreciate the stunning landscape and Moroccan bustle.

A holiday to Morocco with Southall Travel is greatly enhanced by a visit to Casablanca. It features the only greyhound racing site in the whole of Africa; and the Hassan II mosque which is steeped in history and cultural significance. The coast of Casablanca really comes alive at night, with an eclectic range of bars, restaurants and discos. Many of these venues have existed since the 1930s, so you’ll get a proper sense of the ‘real’ Casablanca. Complete your visit with a coffee at the cafe from the film Casablanca, which has retained all the features you will remember from that iconic piece of cinema.

When you book a break to Morocco with Southall Travel, you can be assured of a memorable holiday. You’ll be able to stay in comfortable luxury while enjoying a lively and varied culture that cannot fail to surprise and delight.